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Double Summit

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Double Summit - Double wall 20 oz Eastman Tritan™ water/sport bottle. -

The Double Summit is a 20 oz double wall Eastman Tritan™ water/sport bottle. It features a twist-on gulp lid with carrying loop attached. Tritan is a tough, shatter-resistant, 100% BPA free polyester that can withstand sub-freezing and boiling temperatures.

  1. Material: Plastic
  2. Care Instructions: Dishwasher Safe
  3. Capacity: 20 Oz
  4. Reduces Condensation: No
  5. Measurements: 1`1" H x 3" Diameter
  6. Fits Most Cupholders: Yes
  7. Temp Rating: Up to 212 Degrees
  8. BPA Free: Yes
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  2. 12+
  3. 24+
  4. 48+
  5. 96+
  6. 240+
  7. 480+
  1. Cost
  2. $5.99
  3. $5.19
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  6. $4.22
  7. $3.95

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Keep your Squats Low and your Standards High

Sold in packs of 4 | Minimum Quantity: 12

Every go-getter needs a bottle that can keep up. The Double Summit was designed with this in mind. Created with the toughest Eastman Tritan material, this water bottle is extremely durable. Toss it in the freezer overnight and you are good to go for your morning workout since the Double Summit won’t crack. It holds a full 20 ounces and has a looped strap for comfortable carrying. Plus, the twist-on gulp lid makes sipping easy no matter where you are.

Strong Looks Good on You

Crafted with crystal-clear shatterproof Eastman Tritan, the Double Summit looks like glass - until you drop it. Tritan is impact-resistant - no cracking, denting or shattering here. Since it’s virtually unbreakable, the Double Summit holds up really well in extreme conditions - both cold and hot. So whether you’re snowboarding on the slopes or hiking through trails, the Double Summit is the perfect companion.

BPA & Toxin Free

Providing products that support the well-being of all of our customers is at the heart of what we do. Tritan is and has always been, completely BPA-free. The Double Summit puts safety first, providing kid-friendly, shatterproof power and the freshest taste possible.

No Guilt Gulp

In the US alone, 50 billion single-use water bottles are used every year. Switching to reusable water bottles like the Double Summit makes a difference by reducing waste and sending a positive message to others around you. Play your part and “bring your own”.

Match Your Mood

Since the Double Summit is virtually indestructible, it may very well be your last water bottle. That’s why it comes in so many colors. With 8 different colors that come in packs of 4, you can choose your favorites. From simple colors like smoke gray to a fresh lavender you have the option to match your mood.


Dare to be different. Sure your cup can fit the mold, or you can create a one of a kind masterpiece that expresses your individuality! With the Double Summit the options are endless.


Add an adhesive vinyl quote to the Double Summit that will motivate you through your early morning runs.

Silk screening

By ordering 48 or more we'll screen print and deliver it right to your door. You dream it up and we’ll do all the work.

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